HEXO is now HEXR

We have some exciting news to share.

There are many challenges on the journey to build an innovative product, and a company with which to grow it. One of those is choosing a name, the unique centrepiece of your identity.

We chose HEXO as it dovetailed two of the central features of our product: the Hexagonal structure of a protective exoskeleton.

Unfortunately, in the last month we ran into trademark issues with a much bigger sports company and knew we didn’t have the muscle to defend it. So we set about looking for a new name.

The strength of hexagonal structures has been the topic of our research for the past 5 years, from our beginnings in University College London, to the Engineering labs in Oxford University, to our new HQ here in London. It was important to us, as such, that we keep ‘Hex’ as part of our identity; it so neatly captures the scientific core of our mission.

We spent many hours brainstorming - and on our bikes - thinking it over, before there emerged one idea so simple that we couldn’t resist it.

What makes our technology unique is the application of those hexagonal structures across curved surfaces like the human head; this is what allows us to provide enormous leaps in protection for our customers.

Reflecting on this, our engineers and co-founders (Jamie and Henry) noted that so much of their research in this regard centred on the attention to a single letter, that which represents the ‘radius of curvature’.

And so, we’re delighted to announce that we are now HEXR.

The journey from ‘O’ to ‘R’ is a short one, and yet it has consolidated for us the larger journey we have been on these past 5 years, one which transforms our scientific research into an innovative product that promises enormous repercussions for our health and safety.

It is a journey that began, and now moves forward, with the attention to a single letter.

And so we invite you to join us at our new URL https://hexr.com as we continue to develop this technology, expand its applications, and drastically reshape our capacities to protect ourselves doing what we love.

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