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  • What kind of certification does the helmet have?

    We fully comply with the European CE EN-1078. These tests comprise of a multitude of harsh impact scenarios at temperatures ranging from -20 0C to + 50 0C, UV and water conditioning.

    Our structures even greatly surpass the standard in terms of energy absorbed and we have also been independently tested, proving that HEXR is over 30% more likely to reduce brain injury than other helmets on the market:

  • Have your helmets been tested for rotational impact?

    Yes, we have performed independent testing at the University of Strasbourg by Professor Remy Willinger, a world expert in helmet design and head injury. The test method is based on real accident scenarios involving oblique impacts. HEXR performed the best in these results, outperforming the average by 30%.

  • How heavy is the helmet?

    Each HEXR helmet has a unique weight because it is custom-made. The typical weight of a medium helmet is 310 grams.

  • How aerodynamic is Hexr?

    Approximately 7 seconds over a 40 km time trial when compared to both the Giro Aether and the Kask Protone. This data was produced by TotalSim, using a simulation of a pro-rider on the drops.

  • How breathable is a Hexr?

    Very. The helmet is often used in hot climates because of its breathability. It is breathable because the helmet replaces foam material (used for insulation) with a honeycomb structure. This design has the highest surface area to volume ratio allowing warm air to dissipate from the head quickly.

  • How sustainable is HEXR?

    The HEXR helmet is predominately made using plant based materials, Castor Beans to be exact. Typical foam material is made from Crude Oil and fossil fuels. HEXR is continuously searching for sustainable materials, helping to protect the planet.

  • How much is a Hexr?

    The HEXR helmet is £299, which includes the fitting process. Each helmet can have a free personal engraving and comes with all washable liners, straps, ratchet system and the interchangeable shell.

  • Do you accept cycle to work vouchers?

    Yes, we partner with Cyclescheme to be able to offer customers the ability to save on their helmets. Please contact Cyclescheme in order to request a voucher and when it has been issued contact our customer service team with a copy of the certificate. They will then be able to assist you with the purchase.

  • Can I order HEXR as a gift?

    Yes, you can order a HEXR helmet as a gift on You will need to place the giftee’s name, email and shipping address for them to redeem the helmet and perform the fitting process

  • How does the HEXR gifting process work?

    You’ll need to make a HEXR gift order on and provide yours and your giftees contact details. A gift card will be sent to your address, which has instructions for redeeming. You can also select the date you would like your giftee to receive a confirmation email as a backup to the gift card. The ordering process for the giftee is then as standard but without the cost!

  • I have a very large head, will a HEXR fit me?

    We've made helmets for customers with up to 70cm heads so we are confident we can meet most people’s needs. We won't be able to confirm 100% till we have your HEXR fitting, however. This is because we have a set outer size limited by our largest shell size, so if a customer has a particularly large and asymmetric head we need to make sure that the minimum honeycomb thickness is achieved all the way round this ensures our safety standards are met.

  • I have a very broad head, can you still make me a helmet?

    Yes. However please be aware the rim thickness of your HEXR might not be quite what you are used to in traditional helmets. While inside surface conforms to your head shape, giving a bespoke fit, the outside surface is matched to one of 6 shell sizes. This means the thickness can vary around the perimeter of your head.

    We will provide you with a 3D model of your HEXR before it is sent to print. You may notice that the front & back/sides of the rim are significantly thicker than the front & back/sides. At this point we will await your confirmation before going ahead with making your HEXR.

  • How do I get my helmet fitted?

    Download our HEXR app (only available on iPhone 6S and upwards). Once you have ordered your helmet on we'll send you a fitting cap within 48 hours excluding weekends for the UK and 3-5 days for overseas orders.

    Use our guided smartphone app to perform your helmet fitting anywhere. You'll need your fitting cap and a friend in order to complete this step of the process, which takes about 5 minutes to complete start-to-finish.

  • Where do I get my helmet fitted?

    All you need is an iPhone 6S (or a more recent iPhone), and a fitting cap to get your helmet fitted. The fitting cap can be sent anywhere in the world and is complimentary in the £299 price of HEXR.

  • What do I need to get my helmet fitted?

    We created the HEXR app to help our customers begin the bespoke cycling helmet creation process themselves at home. You need an iPhone 6S or more recent iPhone to download the HEXR app. You will also need a fitting cap to capture your head measurements, which is sent to your shipping address within 48 hours after purchasing a helmet at

  • How easy is the fitting process?

    We've tried to make the fitting process as simple and intuitive as possible, see a demonstration here: We use augmented reality to help guide you through the fitting process.

  • What devices is the app compatible with?

    The HEXR app is only compatibility on Apple smartphones, in particular: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone SE 2.0.

  • Is fitting app available on Android devices?

    Unfortunately not at the moment.

    We wanted to focus on one platform and provide a fitting experience that was unique, easy and enjoyable. With our previous experience working with our iPad scanners, it felt like a natural move to start with the iPhone. We would like to provide our fitting experience to as many people as possible, and Android is on the list of places we'd like to expand to, however.

  • How should the fitting cap sit on my head?

    In order to ensure we are measuring your head as accurately as possible, it is important the fitting cap is worn correctly while scanning. Please ensure the cap is pulled down as tightly as possible, removing any creases, your ears are tucked in, and the metal HEXR tag is at the front, sitting inline with the centre of your face and between your eyebrows. Your helmet sits above this tag, so it's crucial that it is as low as possible on your forehead. Long hair should be loose and not tied up. You should pull the cap down over it, ensuring there are no bulges under the material, especially at the back.

  • What are the ideal lighting conditions for scanning?

    Please perform your fitting in a brightly-lit room without any harsh sources of light. Similar to how you wouldn't take a photo with the light behind your subject, a bright light source behind a dimly lit subject will give our algorithms a hard time. Doing your scan during the day usually makes for the best lighting, and away from small windows if they are the only source of light for the room.

  • I have a scanning cap already, can I scan without ordering?

    Yes. Simply select, "fit another rider" in the HEXR app. The details entered following the fitting will be attributed to the scan, regardless of the login. If you are yet to order your head fitting data will be saved under your email address and automatically matched up when you buy a HEXR online.

  • If I scan myself at home will the scan be as accurate as if it was done in a shop?

    There is no need to visit a shop for your headscan, as the accuracy comes from the app and our algorithms and not the scanning technique. The app and fitting cap have been designed by our CTO and lead programmer to be intuitive and easy to use, if someone can record a video on a phone then they can scan a head, it's that simple.

  • My phone died while uploading my fit data, do I have to redo the scanning?

    No, you can re-upload any scans through the app. Simply head to the 'Fittings' section, select your scan and press 'Upload'. This will then resend the data to our server, so no need to redo the fit.

  • I was scanned a while ago, can you still print me a helmet using that scan?

    Unfortunately we are no longer producing helmets from legacy scans. We have recently released a scanning app utilising a proprietary technology that is much more accurate than the old iPad produced scans we were utilising up to this point. We are now only printing helmets using scans from an iPhone in order to better control quality and accuracy.

  • Where are the Hexr helmets produced?

    HEXR helmets are predominately 3D printed in the UK. The chin straps and shell are also made in the UK, and every helmet is assembled, quality controlled before dispatch from the UK.

  • Can I customise my helmet?

    Yes. Not only is the HEXR helmet custom made to fit your head, but you can also add your own text (8 characters) and image engraving. You can order a clear shell for custom colouring, please contact us at for more information.

  • Each helmet is unique, so how do you ensure quality control?

    Our helmets have been certified by the CE EN-1078 Safety Standard ensuring the product offers adequate protection during an impact. To ensure each unique helmet is certified, our design and structure generation process has also been certified, rather than just the final product. Each helmet is quality controlled in the UK before shipping.

  • Will the middle plug of the helmet line up with the center of my head?

    Yes, for the majority of customers the center of the helmet will line up with the center of your forehead, even if you have an asymmetrical head.

    However, sometimes the outer shell can sit slightly off center as we need to find the balance orientation of the outer shell to the inner contours of your head. This ensures we balance the safety of your HEXR with the overall size.
    Head shapes vary from person to person, and no one's head is perfectly symmetrical. To learn more about all of the different head shapes and sizes we've made HEXRs for check out our blog post.

    Please be sure to check your head preview following your scan to make sure you are happy with how your HEXR will look and let us know if you have any questions.

  • When will my helmet be shipped?

    Once we have processed your fitting and taken payment your custom helmet will take 3-4 weeks to be delivered. The fitting cap will be shipped to your address within 48 hours of purchase and the fitting app is available to download from the Apple App Store.

    Please note processing of fittings can take up to 2 weeks.

  • Do you sell internationally?

    Yes, we can ship helmets to where ever you are.

    UK delivery is free, for Europe it is £20 and for the rest of the world (including the USA & Australia) it is £40.

    It is important to note that the HEXR is currently only certified to the EN-1078 Standard. This does not qualify this helmet for racing or other similar events in the USA, Australia or New Zealand.

  • What happens if I don't like my helmet when I receive it?

    Please get in touch with us at if you have any issues and we will respond within 24 hours.

  • Should the helmet be replaced after a crash?

    If any protective headwear that you may have has undergone any significant impact it is recommended that it is replaced. We offer a 50% crash replacement scheme in the 1st year. If you have a crash please get in touch at

  • Do you offer a crash replacement scheme?

    Yes! We offer a 50% crash replacement scheme in the first year. If you have a crash while wearing your HEXR please get in touch with us at to arrange a replacement

  • Am I able to wear a winter cap under the helmet?

    You can indeed wear a cap in the winter, simply remove the padding from the helmet and there will be enough room for it to fit.

    You might find you are wanting to wear a cap more of the year in fact, as the HEXR is much cooler than any other helmet on the market.

  • Which sunglasses are compatible with the ports?

    We have found that the majority of cycling specific sunglasses with straight arms (Oakley Jawbreaker, Radar EV, 100% Speedtrap, POC Do Blade, Crave) etc.) will work well. We recommend storing all sunglasses upside down.

    Unfortunately some larger sunglasses (Oakley Sutro etc.) or glasses with hooked arms (POC Nivalis etc.) will not work.

  • Is there an adjustable dial fitting system?

    Each HEXR helmet is custom fitted but will usually still require a ratchet system in order to ensure optimal fit. This is because the ratchet hooks under your occipital bone at the back of your head to help keep the helmet more snug.

    We also like to leave a little extra room in there to allow for your head to swell a little in the heat, or if you want to run a thick cap in the cold.

  • How do I remove the ratchet system?

    To remove the ratchet first remove the rear padding, this should expose the part of the ratchet cage that joins to the helmet. Next, gently pull the ratchet which should come away in the same way as the padding. The ratchet will still be attached by the two ball plugs. Pull these away from the underside of the helmet, you may have to use your nail or pull the cable firmly.
    The ratchet is designed to be removable so should be simple install and remove, if you have any issues please get in contact.

  • How should I store my HEXR?

    When not in use, the helmet should be stored away from direct sunlight and sources of heat, we recommend putting it back in it's original packaging. Avoid leaving your HEXR in the car or anywhere else close to direct or indirect heat.

    Do not apply adhesives, solvents, stickers or paints that do not comply with the manufacturers specifications.

    Any alteration or intervention not provided for may impair it's protective function.

  • Can I wash the interior of my helmet?

    Yes. The interior padding is detachable and can be cool washed. The shell can also be detached and gently washed with water and mild soaps/detergents.

  • Does the helmet account for my head swelling with heat?

    Yes. Each helmet has a small offset from your head to allow for swelling. Our comfort liner is particularly flexible to accommodate for swelling.

  • Are your helmets suitable for children?

    Our helmets are suitable for children aged over 12 years old. Please note that the head typically grows until the age of 21.

  • Do you make helmets for sports other than cycling?

    Our technology (custom fitting and improved helmet safety is available for licencing. Please contact us at for more information on our enterprise solutions.

  • Does HEXR licence its technology?

    HEXR has built a powerful custom fitting platform that works end to end (smartphone through to design for manufacture). HEXR also has numerous patents on the design of safer head protection. HEXR is available to licence, for enquiries please contact

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