HEXR is our first edition helmet. Designed at the University of Oxford and crafted to the exact contours of each cyclist who wears it.

Only one helmet can be placed per order. To purchase another helmet, please complete this purchase and start again.

Certified to EN-1078.

    Engraving: none

    Personalise your HEXR

    Text Engraving, free

    Enter a name, initials, phone number, date or anything you want.

    How Image Engraving Works

    Image engraving is a additional service offering the engraving of any graphic on a 1x1 inch square on the rear-side of your HEXR.

    Tips & limitations:

    • What to upload. Upload any image you would like to add to the helmet. If you have a vector graphic you would like to use, save it as jpg, jpeg, or png first to upload to the previewer. Read Vector images below for more.

    • Edit your image. The threshold slider and invert button can assist you in turning regular images into duotone images. When the preview looks good to you, press save to continue (Of the two tones, the lighter shade represents area depressed into the helmet and dark represents unaltered areas).

    • Vector images. If you cannot edit your image to look just right, or it has uniform geometry that is coming out jagged, we advise you email a vector version of your engraving to hello@hexr.com mentioning your order number, in addition to adding the bitmap version of it to your order here, and we'll see what can be done.

    • Limitations of manufacture. Please take into consideration there is a limit to how much detail can fit into a 1x1 inch area. Below are some examples to show you how an engraving preview translates to the real-life product. Note how bold shapes come out much better than thin details.

    Image Engraving, +£10


    Truly make it your own with a custom graphic.

    Clear personalisation



    This helmet is currently only certified to the EN-1078 Standard.
    We've identified your region as somewhere unknown, where this certification does not qualify this helmet for racing or other similar events.


    What's Included

    • 1x Custom HEXR honeycomb structure

    • 1x Black outer shell

    • 1x Shell plug

    • 1x Set of comfort padding

    • 1x Set of chin straps with four dowel pins for attaching to your helmet

    • 1x Ratchet system

    • 1x Replacement parts envelope, which includes an extra plug for your shell and four dowel pins for attaching your chin straps

    Details & Specification

    • Colour:


    • Weight:

      Each HEXR helmet has a unique weight because it is custom-made. The typical weight of a medium helmet is 310g.

    • Material:

      PA11 honeycomb, vacuum formed Polycarbonate shell, PA11 ratchet system, Nylon padding and chin strap webbing.

    • Delivery Time:

      4-6 weeks

    Care Instructions

    The helmet should be disassembled before cleaning any component. Clean the honeycomb with only water, pH neutral soap and a soft clean cloth, allowing it to air dry at room temperature. Chemical detergents or solvents should not be used under any circumstances. Petroleum-based solvents are especially detrimental. They can damage the helmet so that its protective qualities are impaired without visual degradation. When not in use, the helmet should be stored away from direct sunlight and sources of heat, we recommend putting it back in its original packaging. Avoid leaving your helmet in your car or anywhere else near direct or indirect heat. Do not apply adhesives, solvents, stickers, or paint that do not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. Any alteration or intervention not provided for may impair its protective function.

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