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    30-day risk free trail

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    1 year crash replacement

The world’s first custom-fit helmet. Engineered at the University of Oxford and crafted to the exact contours of your head.

  • Perfect fit
  • Breakthrough safety
  • Customisable
  • Headscan from home


With free delivery, 30-day risk free trial and 1 year crash replacement.

and pay £34900 X 6 monthly payments

Why choose HEXR?

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    Fits Like A Dream

    Hexr is crafted to your unique head shape, giving the perfect fit. You will most likely forget its even there with no pressure points and covering your head’s most critical areas.

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    Breakthrough Safety

    Hexr is proven to reduce linear and rotational acceleration compared to standard foam helmets.

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    Stay Cool

    Our material doesn’t trap heat like foam does. Hexr keeps you cool even on the hottest of days.

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As Seen In

What's in the box?

  • Lightweight Shell
  • Custom Protective Layer
  • Comfort Liners
  • Included Ratchet
  • Sleek Straps

What's in the box?

Custom Protective Layer

Each honeycomb core is custom to you, designed to fit the anatomically unique shape of your head, ensuring a perfect fit and supreme comfort. Honeycombs are known for their strength as protective layers as they buckle and bend under impact, spreading the force. Our material softens on impacts, providing the perfect material response on impact. We use castor bean oil, which also cuts carbon output when compared to petroleum-based foam.

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Rest Easy With HEXR

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    30-Day Risk Free Trial

    We give you 30 days to trial our helmet. Don’t love it? We’ll take it back and give you a full refund.

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    Free Delivery & Returns

    Free shipping and returns are included with every order.

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    1 Year Crash Replacement

    We offer a 1-year crash replacement, so if you have an unfortunate accident, send it back to us and we’ll make you another.

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“The biggest innovation in cycling safety and wearable products I have seen. Nothing is compromised with HEXR.”

Simon Gerrans

Former Professional Cyclist

What others think

  • "exceptional comfort and ventilation"

    Matt Arnold, Triathlete

    "I was able to get the aero benefit combined with exceptional comfort and ventilation. Fortunately the helmet arrived just in time for my triathlon where I got a PB on the bike leg. Thank you team HEXR!!"

  • "literally no pressure points"

    Phil glowinski, Track cyclist

    "What separates HEXR is that there are literally no pressure points, so it feels like you're not wearing a helmet and less distractions on the track racing. It's also sleek and low profile."

  • "I wouldn't wear anything else"

    George Nemilostiviy, Crit Cyclist

    "The fit is superb: doesn't wobble, less fiddly, more snug and no pressure points. Also the design is compact so I can get into an aggressive aero position. I wouldn't wear anything else."

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How it works

  • Pre-Order Today


    Pre-Order Today

    Purchase online

  • Get Your Headscan


    Get Your Headscan

    Receive a 3D scanner in the post or book an appointment at our London HQ.

  • Your HEXR Gets Created


    Your HEXR Gets Created

    We create your custom helmet in 2-4 weeks

  • Sent Directly To You


    Sent Directly To You

    Finally, we send your custom-helmet directly to you.

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The world’s first custom-helmet. Engineered at the University of Oxford and crafted to the exact contours of your head.

  • Perfect fit
  • Breakthrough safety
  • Customisable
  • Headscan from home


With free delivery, 30-day risk free trial and 1 year crash replacement.

and pay £34900 X 6 monthly payments

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get my head scan?
  • Is there a fitting system?

    Each Hexr helmet is built from the contours of an individual's head but we know that some people prefer their helmet tighter than others, and that sometimes you might want to wear a cap while other times not. This is why we added a detachable ratchet system. Wear your helmet with or without it, depending on what is most comfortable for you.

  • When will they be shipped?

    As each order is custom made, your helmet can take 4-8 weeks to be delivered. It will be worth the wait, we promise!

  • Where are the Hexr helmets produced?

    HEXR helmets are 3D printed in the UK and Denmark. Every helmet is assembled in the UK.

  • How much is a Hexr?

    Your own custom Hexr comes at £349. This includes all washable liners, straps, ratchet system and the interchangeable shell and Hexr head scan.

  • Does the helmet account for my head swelling with heat?

    Yes. The fabric liner combined with the option of adding our ratchet system accounts for the slight changes in size your head undergoes due to heat conditions. We have performed multiple thermal camera tests to measure this slight change.

  • Do you sell internationally?

    Yes, we do - under certain circumstances.

    Due to the need for a head scan, we love to meet customers in our London HQ to do this but we can arrange for a postal-scan service.

  • How heavy is the helmet?

    Each HEXR helmet has a unique weight because it is custom-made. The weight of the 3D printed honeycomb liner is printed on at the point of manufacture

  • Do you comply with safety standards?

    Yes. Hexr was formed to create structures that absorb energy more efficiently than any other helmet. We have theoretical evidence that is due to be published and thousands of simulation hours, as well as hundreds of European certification impact tests. We not only pass the European Safety Standards, but we are significantly safer than other manufacturers that use foam structures.

  • Do you make helmets for sports other than cycling?

    Right now we are focusing on making the best road cycling helmet possible. We’re certainly exploring other protective headgear sectors including, Motorsports, Snow-sports and Equestrian. Please join our mailing list where we will eventually send out a survey to see what product you would like Hexr to innovate on in the future.

  • Is there an app/equipment that I can use to scan myself?

    Yes, there is. If you have access to 3D object scanning equipment, then we invite you to scan yourself and send us the data. You’ll need a Spandex/Lycra cap on your head to compress your hair down. Please send your scan through to scans@hexr.com

    In addition, after purchase you can request a postal scan service where we ship a scanner and cap to you for an at home scan before returning the equipment.

  • Do you exceed current safety standards?

    Yes. Not only do our structures greatly surpass the standards in terms of energy absorbed we also cover a greater range of sizes than required of the standards.

  • How aerodynamic is Hexr .1?

    Approximately 7 seconds over a 40 km time trial when compared to both the Giro Aether and the Kask Protone. This data was produced by TotalSim,  using a simulation of a pro-rider on the drops.

  • What kind of certification does the helmet have?

    We fully comply with the European CE EN-1078. These tests comprise of a multitude of harsh impact scenarios at temperatures ranging from -20 0C to + 50 0C. 

  • Where do you do safety testing?

    Our test impacts were carried out at the British Standards Institute under CE EN-1078 criteria. Our certification was carried out at the same facility independently

  • Have you done skin abrasion tests?

    Yes, we’ve used skin simulants to test if the Hexr structure causes skin abrasion. Our impact tests have shown that there is no visible difference between Hexr and standard foam helmets.

  • Each helmet is unique, so how do you ensure quality control?

    Our helmets are all certified by the CE EN-1078 Safety Standard ensuring the product offers adequate protection during an impact. To ensure each unique helmet is certified, our design and structure generation process has also been certified, rather than just the final product.

  • Should the helmet be replaced after a crash?

    If any protective headwear that you may have has undergone any significant impact it is recommended that it is replaced. We offer a 100% crash replacement scheme in the 1st year. If you have a crash please get in touch at hello@hexr.com

  • What tests have you done to show how aerodynamic it is?

    We have performed simulations in different riding positions and at different yaw angles to find the variation in Coefficient of Drag. Assuming a power output of 130 W, the coefficient of drag is used to determine the velocity and hence the time for a 40 km time trial.

  • Can I customise my helmet?

    Yes. Not only is the HEXR helmet custom made to fit your head, but you can also add your own engraving (8 characters) As our helmet has detachable padding, chin straps and shells we wll be launching additional colours and options soon!

  • Can I wash the interior of my helmet?

    Yes. The interior padding is detachable and can be cool washed. The shell can also be detached and gently washed with water and mild soaps/detergents.

  • Do you offer a crash replacement scheme?

    Yes! We offer a 100% crash replacement scheme in the first year. If you have a crash while wearing your HEXR please get in touch with us at hello@hexr.com to arrange a replacement

  • Are your helmets suitable for children?

    Unfortunately our helmets are currently only suitable for adults.

  • What happens if I don't like my helmet when I receive it?

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please get in touch with us at hello@hexr.com if you have any issues and we will be happy to solve the problem right away.

  • If you haven’t found your answer...?

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