Helmet Fitting

“No two heads are the same, so why should helmets be?” is our oft-repeated mantra. In contrast to the limited number of sizes provided by mainstream helmet brands, the creation of your own personal helmet begins with a fitting of your head with our app, which harnesses a 250,000-point 3D mesh.

This data is then sent to our cloud servers, where a helmet is automatically generated.

100% Plant Material

At HEXR, we manufacture our helmets from a plant-based material called Polyamide-11, made from 100% castor bean oil. This material is sourced sustainably by Arkema through the Pragati initiative, which supports sustainable farming practices, reducing water use, and fair treatment of workers

There are serious environmental concerns surrounding both the production and disposal of foam material, used in almost every helmet on the market. The castor beans we use are a viable alternative to petroleum feedstocks. 100% renewable and grown in a year, this bean is drought-resistant, doesn’t compete with other food chains, and thrives where other crops struggle to grow.

It’s an honour to be involved with the initiative and to be using Polyamide-11 to build the most sustainable bicycle helmet on the market.

3D Printed

Once the castor bean oil is turned into powder form, it is sent to our 3D printing facility where it is additively manufactured into a helmet with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimetre, but with an offset from our head to accommodate variations in hair length and the thermal expansion of our head while riding.

Our partners at 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd in Newbury take care of this tightly controlled step of the process. Using a technology known as Laser Sintering, the helmet is produced layer upon layer by using high-powered and ultra-fine lasers to melt portions of consecutive layers of powder with a thickness of 0.1mm. The regions that have been melted later cool and solidify, forming a solid structure, whereas the surrounding areas remain in powder form which can be brushed away. The entire process takes approximately 36 hours for a batch of 6 helmets.

As a smaller company we don’t have the means to commission independent supply chain audits. However, we always select factories which are already used by industry leaders and whose audit practices and policies we trust.

The Personal Touch

Having cooled for 72 hours following its 183°C build at 3T-AM, each helmet undergoes a rigorous finishing process to ensure optimal quality. First, all excess powder is removed using a combination of brushing by hand and blasting with tiny glass beads under high pressure. The powder removed in this step is recycled and will be used to print a future helmet.

Dying Process

Next, the honeycomb structure is dyed black before finally being visually inspected to verify its structural integrity and finish quality.

This dying process helps prevent UV light attacking the material over time, so that our helmets are can withstand years of action. That means more time chucking the bike around and less time worrying about whether your helmet is still up to the task.

The Finishing Touches

The final finishing touches include assembling the branded outer shell, chin straps, padding, and a voluntary ratchet system. Not only is your HEXR helmet custom made to fit your head, but we also add your own engraving, helmet size and the printing date to truly give it that personal touch.
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