Jamie Cook Engineer,
HEXR Co-Founder & CEO

“Foam is designed for flat packaging. Not protecting the human head.”

“Our vision is to save lives by redefining head protection. We use the latest manufacturing and scanning technologies to deliver unprecedented performance.”


The start of a journey

HEXR began at University College London (UCL). Co-Founder Jamie Cook, under the supervision of leading material scientist Prof Mark Miodownik, started his investigation into materials and structures.
“Cellular structures have the highest crush strength to weight ratio. That’s a great mechanical property when you’re trying to make a bicycle helmet - which needs to be both safe and lightweight.”

“The lightbulb went off"

An international athlete, rowing in the U23 World Championships, Jamie’s R&D continued at the University of Oxford. Deep into winter training camp for his third Boat Race, something clicked: “Every design method for energy absorption assumes that the contact area is constant - but that’s not the case for a curved surface.”
“We need to design for the head’s unique curvature. The only way to make a curved honeycomb structure without distorting the mechanical properties is
by 3D printing.”

21st century manufacturing

“Foam’s pressure response is limited. There are only a few variables to play with: it’s quite basic in that sense. We’re 60 years down the road with foam helmets - and even though they’re only 30% efficient at absorbing energy, we’ve pretty much done everything we can do. With 3D printing we’re starting on a new road which has got incredible opportunities for further optimisation, design and change.
What we’re developing now is a real synergy between material science, manufacturing and technology - coming together to unlock things that were never possible before.”

100% renewable raw materials

HEXR inner shell is created from Polyamide 11 - a 100% renewable raw material produced from castor oil. We use sustainable paper supplies for our packaging, and no inventory is ever sat on a shelf gathering dust. A HEXR helmet only exists when it’s been asked for.

5 years. 3,200 tests. Never-ending curiosity.

We have hypothesised and been wrong. We have failed, and failed again. We never stop asking if something could be better. To see how something can be improved. Because of that, we believe HEXR is the safest helmet ever tested. And we continue working to make it safer, lighter and faster still.
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