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Reviews from other cyclists are an essential part of making up your mind to buy. We’ve certainly spent a good few hours in our lives reading other users’ feedback before clicking ‘add to cart’ on a particular pair of bibs, pedals or sunglasses. With a purchase as potentially life-savingly important as a helmet, the experiences of others should count even more. Explore our growing collection of HEXR product reviews, sourced independently from customers around the world. And if you are one of our awesome customers, please send us a review and a pic. They make our day!


Henry Furniss

I make made to measure bicycles for a living, so this was always set to be a marriage made in heaven. I had never settled on a favourite helmet brand, then Hexr came along - box ticked, it's an affair that will last forever. Love that the custom fit is perfect, love that I don't need a retention mechanism, love that I can use our 'in house' paint studio to pimp as many shells as I like, (NB: you can too!), love the clean unfussy aesthetic, love that the tech speaks for itself - it kicks ass. . And finally I love that regardless of what colour you get it in, it's green. Like our bikes, a Hexr helmet is unashamedly expensive, but exceptional value for money. Yes, love'em! (Did I mention that)!?



Russel Bond

My review basically confirms everything already said. The hype is real. Fit is perfect, I’ve put on the small rear ratchet to snug up the fit but often find I forget to tighten it as the fit is perfect as expected. No movement and zero pressure points, just all round comfort with the best protection. The helmet breathes exceptionally well, never overheating as all previous helmets have. Noise levels are low when riding which is testament to its aerodynamics. Easy to keep clean and smell free. The magnetic latch is sublime and I just love how well the side vents have been designed to hold your glasses when climbing. I’ve tried to dislodge them to no avail, but feel I will give myself whiplash and still not succeed. The helmet sits low to your head as well, so looks mint. Next year I will be ordering a second helmet just to have a spare.



Nick Blow

I received my HEXR in August just in time for two weeks in Mallorca. At first it felt weird - to have a helmet that fitted properly like a glove with no ratchet! (I have a very big head). It performed great in 30c. I've now ridden about 2000km on and off road, and I continued to be impressed.

THEN this past weekend I went down hard on wet and leafy cobbles at 28kmh. I heard the helmet impact and what sounded like a crack. The rest of my body followed through hitting the pave at full force. As I eventually picked myself up I was surprised to see only a small crack in the HEXR. I had expected it to be in pieces. I felt fine. Two hours later my left hip, thigh and arm had swollen massively. My partner forced me to go to casualty. When I got there I collapsed, blackedout, and had convulsions. An MRI found no head damage at all. No concussion. Not a scratch. When they saw the helmet they said it had done a fantastic job and that it had probably saved me. The rest of me is purple, no breaks, its ok! NOW the best bit. HEXR are replacing my lovely lid for free. I just have to send the broken helmet back so they can examine the impact to enhance their research. How many mass production brands do that? Our helmets are probably the most important investment that we can make. Why settle for second best. PS I am ordering a white one too :-)


Mick McLoughlin

For me, buying a helmet is like buying a couch for your first home, you have to sit on at least 50 before you settle for "the one". I've got a big head as well 😊. The 3D scanner (small tablet) arrived in the post, it took only 10 minutes! Read the basic instructions, head scanned first time, packed it up and sent it back.

The helmet… I was shocked by the fit. There are no pressure points, it's so comfortable you have to check if you actually have it on your head! Super light, wind noise is almost zero and there's definitely a WATTS saving! I can hardly feel any wind resistance on my head so I'd say watt saving are in the double digits. It's a no brainer, guys are paying €450 or more for fancy rear derailleurs that claim to save maybe 5 watts!

Cosmetically, the helmet is super sleek. I had to get a 2nd one as a back up and thankfully I did. I had a head on collision. While my head took most of the impact, I'd didn't actually feel any impact on my head, helmet done it's job and that's what you want… and HEXR replaced the helmet, bonus and great customer service.

I won't be shopping around ever again for a helmet, going from shop to shop and brand to brand. I've tried them all, including MIPS helmets and they just don't compare.



Gabor Szucs

This helmet tick all the boxes! Very comfortable just feel like wearing a cap, keep forgetting this is actually a helmet what can save your life!
 Aero benefits, you really feel a different at your favourite descent! 
You can put it on whole year around! Perfect ventilation at summer, in extreme hot conditions you just take off the shell. Also perfect for winter cos you can put your winter cap on if you remove the padding.

Looks way cooler than other helmets! Clean, simple design and you gonna get asked about it at every coffee stop! 
Thank you for the HEXR team to make this helmet happen! I’m very pleased with it!


Prakash Shah

My new Hexr helmet. Happy isn't even the start of it. The same size as a normal helmet, the same weight as a normal helmet. Much safer than a normal helmet. 100% planet saving 3D printed plant based material used in f1 cars and f35 jets. Feels like wearing a hat. The first time my oddly shaped large head felt like it was wearing a fitted glove. The best part is that it's all modular so everything is replaceable simply and quickly. The coolest helmet ever in both ventilation and looks. Am I delighted? You betcha. Go buy one. Now.



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