Reviews from 5 HEXR owners

One of our customers came in to see us last week, overjoyed with her helmet, and she made a good point – we haven’t been sharing the amazing feedback we have been receiving from our awesome community of HEXR owners. Here are a selection and we will continue to share each week.


Marvin Lein

Just received my helmet. WOW!

I am no staid to try new cycling gear and gadgets. Some live up to the hype, some don’t. This time I hit the jackpot!

This is the best fitting, most comfortable lid I’ve ever worn. That’s high praise because I own 43 helmets – basic helmets to MIPS with accident alerts, aero, mountain, townie and more.

This one beats them all. It’s like wearing my favourite baseball cap. I don’t want to take it off. Is that weird or what!?

Kudos to you and your entire team. This is a helmet game-changer. Hope you sell a ton of these. It will make people actually WANT to wear a helmet.


Duncan Weaver

I first came across HEXR at the NEC cycle show in 2018. They told me of their plans to produce a custom fit bike helmet. I liked the sound of it, even though I had very little to go on except their enthusiasm.

In the summer of 2019, my custom fit new helmet arrived. The quality and intricacy of the finish is superb. Then the moment of truth, I put the helmet on. Well, the fit is just astonishing, it actually felt more comfortable to wear the helmet than not to wear it. Since its arrival, I’ve used it on many club rides, MTB racing and a recent trip to the Dolomites. I am so pleased with it – always comfortable, cool in hot weather, not bulky, and it’s lightweight. 

10 out of 10 from me. What HEXR have achieved in the last year is quite incredible.

Just brilliant.



Emma Town

I was competing in the London Duathlon in Richmond Park. I clipped my pedal on the floor going round the roundabout at Richmond and was flung in the opposite direction and onto the floor, hard.

I landed on my head, feeling my helmet crack and deform as I did, and then my shoulder, hip and knee. I have had a fair few concussions in my time, and I know that this would a sizeable impact that would have normally produced a bad headache at best or a bad concussion at worst. However, much to my surprise, after 20 seconds of recovering from the shock of the impact and a slight daze, my head was 100% fine. No headache, no dizziness, no pain. I was able to get back on my bike and complete the race.

I always believed in the science behind the HEXR helmet, it makes such great sense, but it is not until you have a crash wearing it, feel it work (honestly, I felt the helmet crack from the impact but didn’t feel that was transferred to my head), and can then see the real benefits in your life, that you truly appreciate it. I am totally convinced that the helmet made the difference for me and that had I been wearing a standard foam helmet the outcome would have been very different.

I cannot thank you guys enough and please can I get my replacement helmet ASAP as I won’t be getting on a bike again without one!



Dan Hughes

Having raced for a factory pro race team, I know just how important the helmet which you use is. I’ve never had a helmet which has fitted so well, to the point where it just feels fast when your riding. Like many others, I’ve had my fair share of knocks and to know that this helmet will protect me better than anything else out there, makes this helmet invaluable.

I love technology which makes your life better. Ever since I heard about HEXR, I’ve been excited, and it’s a helmet! The technology behind it is mind blowing. Millimetre perfect scanning of your head to produce a custom helmet. I'm delighted to say goodbye to buying a helmet where there’s plus or minus 5cm and loads of excess material (not aero!).

From the moment you put on a HEXR it feels fast. The lack of excess material and a helmet sculpted to your head results in less air disturbance. You feel this when you ride and the numbers back it up too. Over 10 seconds quicker than leading aero helmets. (Riding at 35km/hr over 40km).

I’ve been taking HEXR all over the world since the beginning of the year. From riding in the jungles of Malaysia to racing at the Gravel Worlds. A huge variation in temperatures, humidity and application. Overall, I’m so impressed. Even when you really push it, it feels cooler than other helmets and thanks to the materials, that horrible sweaty helmet doesn’t exist. I'm super excited about the new white shells, as only when I’ve really pushed it racing in temps over 35 degrees, have I felt that I needed more ventilation/my head was getting hot.

In 2017, I was unlucky and involved in 3 major crashes where I ended up in hospital. Helmet-saving-your-life type crashes. Since then I’ve always tried to hunt out the safest helmet out there. All of those crashes weren’t my fault, so you never know! I love the fact that I’m wearing a helmet that fits like a glove, makes me go faster and is safer. Winner!



Miles Baker-Clarke

The first thing that strikes you about a Hexr helmet is the texture, from the smooth cover to the grippy honeycomb shell, that somewhat familiar 3D printed polymer. The next thing is that snug fit, secure but comfortable. I'll admit to an initial instinctive reach to the back for a retention dial, before you realise you don't need it. Because it's built for me it also doesn't balloon my head out in that common mushroom style, this is good. Is it fast, not sure, don't really care, but it sure is comfy.



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