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Backend Software Engineer

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Start date immediate. London (Moorgate).


This a unique opportunity to join an early stage startup, work with emerging technologies and be part of a team to take it through rapid international growth. We welcome self-motivated thinkers, passionate about 3D printing, sports and technology in general that work independently and are able to take responsibility.

You will be one of the founding team members and will be responsible for automating manual parts of the helmet generation and production pipelines, creating and maintaining new APIs and (serverless) microservices, improving our software stack and accelerating its transition into a more robust and secure cloud processing platform.


  • Javascript (Node.js), Python
  • AWS (EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS etc.)
  • Experience writing (serverless) microservices and shaping APIs from scratch
  • Experience working with the Frontend (bonus: Vue.js, babylon.js)
  • (bonus) Experience with 3rd-party integrations like Shopify, Mailchimp etc.
  • (bonus) Experience with event-driven architectures


  • 3+ years of software development
  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • Able to articulate super-nerdy ideas to people who don't have computer science degrees
  • Team player, self-directed and driven
  • Proactive and positive attitude with ability to own projects
  • You learn fast and adapt to change easily, comfortable with learning new frameworks
  • You know what you know and don't shy away from asking questions for everything else


  • Aspirational and hungry. Dream big. Make it happen. Seek excellence. Self-improving. Enjoy challenge. Determined.
  • Active and adventure lovers. We cycle, row, run, squash, ski, dance…. We are looking for people who are high energy, seek adventure and love sporting challenges to join our team.
  • Entrepreneurial and doers. We act fast and champion a bias for action with confident decision making.
  • Curious and courageous. Nurture ideation. Unwavering belief. Risk taker. Challenger.
  • Take pride. Proud of group achievements. Sense of humour. Care about planet earth.


  • Become a core member of a leading innovative company
  • Potential to work remotely once settled in
  • £60-80k


  • 1. Introductory call: 30 min call to learn a little more about you and tell you about Hexr.
  • 2. Technical interview: 60 min total. 30 min collaborative coding session to evaluate standard software engineering best practices, including algorithms / data structures / design etc. Plus 30 min personal coding assignment to evaluate the ability to adapt and work with different codebases
  • 3. On-site interview: 60-120 min total. See Hexr and its founders at our London office at Finsbury Square and get to meet with other people working at Hexr. And yes, there will be a demo ;)

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